Outex Review, best waterproof housing for travellers!

Water is my key element. Whatever it is, ocean, lakes or river, I love to be in or near the water and as a photographer, I obviously wanted to bring my camera with me at some point. I often did without any protection, by being very carreful, or for canyoning, in a pelican case, but for shooting, the camera needed to be out and wasn’t protected. I always wanted a waterproof case but it is very expensive and too big to travel anywhere with it. That’s when came Outex. Let’s have a look about this very cool product! 

Quality and portability

First thing, I’ve been traveling the world for more than 4 years and I needed something compact and easy to carry. Outex is very compact, It can actually fit in a pocket. This is a really good point!

Then, I needed something of great quality. Because there is a lot of cheap options out there but I don’t want to put my DSLR into a something I couldn’t rely on. Outex is using great resistant and stretch silicone, with high-end Zeiss quality glass. It means that the case shouldn’t affect the quality of your photos and in addition, it is very resistant.

So far the product fit both of my main requirements, quality and portability.

Flexible and evolutive

The great thing with Outex covers is that you can use many different lenses with the same cover. You will just need an adaptor for the diameter of your different lenses. For the rest, the cover can fit either a wide lens or a zoom.

The good point with the model I use is that you can set it up on a tripod. It is very handy if you want to create long exposure shots while you are exposed to water.

If you want to use flashes or remote tethering etc… it is possible too. There is an option for pretty much everything you can think of.

An affordable price

Finally, the price was one of my other requirements. Most of the hard cases are over 2000$ and with Outex, you can start at 295$ for the entry kit and 425$ for the pro kit. Very Affordable in comparison to other solutions.

Pros and cons

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Flexible and evolutive
  • Access to buttons
  • High-quality components 
  • It is floatable

  • Time to set it up on the camera but with experience, it can be fast.

Some content created using Outex

Outex is waterproof and so is perfect for any kind of dirty and dusty environment. An event like the Holi Festival in India was a perfect playground to test it up!

Any Questions?

You can ask me in the comments below or head to Outex.com website for more info and details.